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Ms Susan BARR, RSW

Susan Barr is a threat. She is documented to have facilitated the forcible detention by way of fraudulent conveyance, and without legal justification, at least one (we're still sorting tips we've received) senior citizen who does no speakeasy good Engrish.

Please stand by as this file will be updated... or will it? Our Notice on Notice was ignored, so most bets are off. Would it be horrible if we were quietly compiling a list of people Island Health and every single Person of Interest who disregarded the reasonably probable deleterious effects of a certain Restricted Substance and made self-serving prescription which actually diminished the patient's quality of life, while simultaneously ratcheting up the probability of an adverse cerebrovascular event?
Or when Ms Barr made an utterance that because the RJH had certified a patient, the concerned family would be unable to prevent their continued treatment of a factitious medical condition?

We do not forget.
We expect fair non-zero-sum gameplay,
and prepare for some..
down and dirty zero-sum.