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Open Source Ops: Covfefe Disclosure is Paramount

"Whether or not a request for access is made, the head of a public body must, without delay, disclose to an applicant information about a risk of significant harm to the health or safety of a group of people."


So I guess we'll see if 12-months is an unreasonable delay to disclose the complete and unredacted information for our competent investigation into the fact that Royal Jubilee Hospital and Island Health have gotten into the habit of over-prescribing patients in order to make them "more easily managed," and taking an in-depth look at how often their doctors ignore restrictions issued by Health Canada, like the restriction on Risperidone.

As we've said every fucking step of the way, this is an effort undertaken in the public interest. The doctors of Royal Jubilee Hospital were adamant that our mother were to be habituated to taking Risperidone for things like noisy neighbours.

I shit you not... The total and complete idiot Dr Maske made a very succinct statement in 20180827 Negotiated Release with Dr Maske:

Canada is a single-party consent jurisdiction for the making of any recordings or wiretaps, so what Dr Maske parrots is pure and utter bunk. Watch the video and see how she tries to bully an old lady and prevents her family from advocating for her, and actually admits to the forcible medication of this patient with Risperidone, and tries to bully the patient into consuming a dangerous substance "if you hear the neighbours making noise".