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Transcript of Negotiated Release with Dr Maskey on 20180827

But both of these players are highlighted with RED targeting indicators because they are PROVABLE threats to the health and welfare of senior citizens in the community. I've spent the last few hours transcribing the speech from Dr Jean Mavourin MASKEY, MD and her admissions made on video, while being recorded and thinking that because she says "'re not here in Victoria and I am" she can have her way with our mother and force her to be prescribed Risperidone to be taken every night "because it helped stabilize against this sense that there are people above her.. in another floor. Hearing voices"

Our mum lives in an apartment building managed by Devon Properties, and her apartment is on the second floor. People smoke heavily in their apartments, something which is forbidden in Toronto, but I guess Victoria is different or Devon Properties has purchased an exemption from any Clean Air bylaw enforcement.
So the apartment is constantly enveloped in a haze of second-hand smoke, and this aggravates our mum's asthma something atrocious.
Consequently, she tries to sleep at the window with it open just enough to breathe (they have "safety locks" to prevent the windowing opening fully) and as a result, often hears strangers passing by and talking in the still night.
Moreover, they are in a wood-frame building, so you frequently hear people walking, talking, having sex, or fighting in the apartment above you, as the wooden structure creaks and groans like an old cow.

When Patient H recounted these events to the psychiatry "experts" interviewing her, she did so in her broke Engrish and limited vocabulary.

This dipshit Dr Maskey looks at the notes of her admission on June 29th for acute sepsis, or blood poisoning. As is the case with most cases of acute sepsis there was an accompanying delirium, and as a result Patient H was in a state called sepsis-associated delirium.
The morons at Royal Jubilee Hospital chose to record acute sepsis-associated delirium as chronic and aggressive case of dementia.

Why? Who the fu—k cares, all I know is that they did, and chose to obviate the Health Canada restriction RA-43797 which explicitly states that "the review of safety information related to antipsychotic drugs indicated a higher risk of cerebrovascular adverse events (these are called strokes, you motherf—king sh—heads at Royal Jubilee Hospital) in patients with mixed and vascular dementia compared to those with dementia of the Alzheimer type."

Furthermore, "the indication for risperidone in dementia has been restricted to the short-term symptomatic management of aggression or psychotic symptoms in patients with severe dementia of the Alzheimer's type unresponsive to non-pharmacological approaches and when there is a risk of harm to self or others."

Enclosed below is the damning footage of Dr Maskey prescribing a substance which likely cause the patient to stroke out and die, or "only" suffer grievous bodily harm.

Canada is a single-party consent jurisdiction for the making of any recordings or wiretaps, so what Dr Maske parrots is pure and utter bunk. Watch the video and see how she tries to bully an old lady and prevents her family from advocating for her, and actually admits to the forcible medication of this patient with Risperidone, and tries to bully the patient into consuming a dangerous substance "if you hear the neighbours making noise".

Here we have Dr Maskey confirming that they routinely prescribe Risperidone to people who are traumatized, that they send people home on the medications that help them recover from an acute illness, and they seem to hope, whither away and die.

  • 4:42 Dr Maskey:
    Because there have been concerns that it is not stable.. She's getting Risperidone because it helped stabilize against this sense that there are people above her.. in another floor. Hearing voices


  • 8:32    Dr Maskey:
    We do this with everybody, we wean it down to the bare minimum, get the person home on the medications that have helped them then, once you're at home and in the community in the next week, she can go in and see Dr Jerome and between them, they can decide what they can continue.