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Isaac to OIPCBC re Ms Robin Hutchinson cc Covfefe Killbox, BC Ombudsperson

Dear Mr McEvoy and Ms Hutchinson,

Ms Hutchinson is trying to modify or otherwise alter the agreement of service. Is that even legal, or do you suggest I take it to Small Claims in Victoria, BC? She's evidently seeking personal responsibility for her actions or inaction, and I don't think we have the time to wait for an audit. A person is being denied competent healthcare, and Ms Hutchinson is acting as a veritable co-conspirator in the persecution of a frail old lady. Is this something which you encourage in your office, that your "investigators" just drag things out until the applicant dies from denial of adequate medical services?

Your intake officer Kathy Baker, confirmed that the request is for "..a review of the redaction/severing of some of the requested records and that you want to file a complaint that the public body has not provided these records in an electronic format." Then months later, while doing a routine verification and personnel background, I am told by Ms Hutchinson that she will NOT be dealing with the refusal to disclosure the full and complete record in electronic format, as I originally requested and as your office confirms is my right:

F09-18-MS Reporter Requests Electronic Records, Gets Paper Response

So, unless the request is being tasked to two individuals, she's made an error, just another error. She does not have the authority to pick and choose what parts of the request she is going to honour. That's above her pay grade, something Mr McEvoy can do I'm sure, but there will be a lot of scrutiny as to WHY your office is dishonouring its commitments and flat-out lying or being otherwise deceptive. And can you please confirm that Ms Hutchinson formerly worked as an Investigator for Prevention and Loss Management Services at Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation, but was subsequently promoted laterally due to sub-par performance, which resulted in her placement at the OIPC under Mr McEvoy's compassionate tutelage. Has she received sufficient retraining that she isn't going to be fired from here, too?

May we request her CV and a good photo/bio for our article extolling the virtues of a fresh new face at the OIPC? Please advise,

-- Isaac,
Solutions Architect with Henry Case (ON)
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
Tel: +1 716-608-3531
Cc: Covfefe Operations

On 2019Sep5, at 1217H, Robin Hutchinson <> wrote:

Good Morning Mr. BonHillier, I am writing to confirm that the format of how the records were provided to you is not and will not part of file F19-79448. In addition, as the Investigator assigned to this matter, I have the delegated authority to make findings, recommendations and provide opinions in respect of this file. Therefore, I will be completing the review of file F19-79448.

According to the information you have provided to me, Island Health responded to your concerns about the records not being in electronic format on May 30, 2019.  If you are not satisfied with Island Health's response, you may file a complaint with our office.  Please visit the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner web page which provides resources on how to make a complaint to our office.

Robin Hutchinson,
Investigator Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC
4th Floor, 947 Fort Street, Victoria BC V8V 3K3 tel. 250-356-0849 | fax 250-387-1696
Email: <image003.jpg>

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From: Isaac []
Sent: September 4, 2019 6:49 PM
To: Robin Hutchinson <>
Cc: Isaac <>; Michael McEvoy <>; Kathie Baker <>
Subject: Fwd: OIPC File F19-79448 - Island Health —> Covfefe Operation

Dear Ms Hutchinson,
As per Kathie Baker's email dated 2019June 11 at 103157H PDT she CONFIRMED "that [we] are requesting a review of the redaction/severing of some of the requested records and that you want to file a complaint that the public body has not provided these records in an electronic format."

And it's even on the side of your counyrtparts in Island Health, please see the attached file:
             FOI19006  Krisna Phosy
Response to Follow Up Emails re Electronic Disclosure.pdf
And explain to me how something already CONFIRMED by your intake workers, is now being CONTESTED by you, if you please. Did you make an honest mistake, or did you do it deliberately? Please advise,k
and please confirm receipt of this message,

Isaac, Solutions Architect with Henry Case (ON)
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
Tel:                 +1 716-608-3531

Isaac to OIPCBC re Ms Robin Hutchinson  cc Covfefe KIllbox, BC Ombudsperson