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Isaac to OIPCBC re Island Health Covfefe Operation

To be clear, the tarchive contains mostly relevant files, but here are some more, although I had included a previous communication from during the admission to RJH. I apologize for that, it has been removed. I'm sorry about the voluminous nature of information, but I hope that it helps that I properly renamed the files for ready sorting by date. They're attached to this message, and sorting will be better.  Please tell me if the filenames do not come though properly and I'll redo them, although it looks like your desktops are running Win10 and your laptops seem to be Win7, so we should be okay. Although I question the advisability of the Privacy Commission using the least secure system on the market. I hope your IT department has hardened those machines, because Windows is as a notorious sponge when it comes to preventing leakage.

  • 20181002-REDACTION-to-Island-Health-FOI-re-REQUISITION-Records.jpg
  • 20181115-Island-Health-FOI-to-REDACTION-re-RECEIPT-FOI-18627.jpg
  • 20181130-Island-Health-FOI-to-REDACTION-re-UNREASONABLE-DELAY-FOI-18627.jpg
  • 20181207-Island-Health-FOI-to-REDACTION-re-UNREASONABLE-DELAY.jpg
  • 20181217-REDACTION-TSDM-to-Island-Health-FOI-re-AMENDMENT-to-FOI-18627.pdf
  • 20181218-Corinne-DeJong-to-Isaac-re-QUALIFICATIONS.pdf
  • 20181227-REDACTION-to-Island-Health-FOI-re-AMENDMENT-to-FOI-18627.jpg
  • 20190118-Corinne-DeJong-to-Isaac-re-REQUEST-20690378.jpg
  • 20190118-Krisna-Phosy-VIHA-FOI-to-Isaac-re-FOI-19006.jpg
  • 20190129-Corinne-DeJong-to-Isaac-re-REQUEST-20690378-sig.jpg
  • 20190129-Corinne-DeJong-to-Isaac-re-REQUEST-20690378.jpg
  • 20190131-Krisna-Phosy-VIHA-FOI-to-Isaac-re-FOI-19006.jpg

I've attached these faqcsimiles to this message following an easily sorted naming scheme. All of these documents are DIRECTLY pertinent to the requests. Please call me Wednesday if there is anything more that I can do for your office to ensure this is a smooth and efficacious process. This comes just a tad under 30 megs for 11 communications. Covfefe is Communication Over Various Feeds For Engagement, and as I hinted on the site, we're prepping to public and garner maximum public engagement to gather as many class members as possible, if we receive yet more unreasonable delay courtesy of VIHA, but the printing bill for that would be 5-10K, easyily, and not something we can afford without securing funding.. I'll have to properly structure the site for deployment to gather victims reports. We must not allow Island Health to continue its egregious violation of Charter Rights.

Please confirm receipt of this email, as I hate digging through server logs or tracking message delivery, so I'll appreciate your prompt confirmation of receipt. Thank-you,

Isaac, Solutions Architect with Henry Case (ON)
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
Tel: +1 716-608-3531

PS: I apologize for any typos, asI'm still getting used to this loaner

Isaac to OIPCBC re Island Health Covfefe Operation