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Isaac to OIPCBC re Ms Robin Hutchinson's Statement of Facts

Dear Office of Information and Privacy Commission for British Columbia,

The demands of Ms Robin Hutchinson that I commit to, in writing, a confirmation of facts that as she puts it:

I find that creating an email address with my name in
it and the word “kill” and suggesting that I am part of
an entity that you are “going after…” to be threatening

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
(OIPC) considers this type of behaviour to be
inappropriate and it must stop.  If you continue to
behave in this way or any other way that our office
considers to be inappropriate, we will impose
restrictions on your contact with this office.

The OIPC does not accept inappropriate behaviour in
communications with our office.  I will not be
proceeding your file review further until you confirm
to me in writing that you will stop communicating
inappropriately with me or any other person in this
office who processes your files. If we do not receive
this commitment by September 20, 2019, your access to
this office will be suspended and we will no longer
respond to any of your communications going forward.

Since I never communicated inappropriately, it is clear that she is attempting to force her interpretation of facts on myself. However, I acknowledge that she is a figure of significant public authority, and as such may at a whim, refuse to complete the duties she has the delegated authority and responsibility to complete. I pointedly state that her interpretation is incorrect, as the email address of  does not improperly use her name, nor does it contain the word "kill" as she states, albeit it contains the characters k-i-l-l they are actually part of the word killbox, which is a targeting term.b

I think Tony puts it very well in his article about Self-Interest-Regulation versus Public-Interest-Regulation, and I understand that you just want to do your jobs and go home.

The email address is "Robin.Hutchinson" at "Covfefe Killbox" which is quite different than the phrase "kill robin hutchinson" (is she dyslexic, maybe?) which is a clear targeting of comms, directing it to a file for "Robin Hutchinson" in the "Covfefe Killbox" organization, and if you read even more, killbox is simply a targeting directive for any communications related actions.

If Ms Hutchinson would talk to the parties she has disagreements with, she might be able to reach the understanding of how monumentally wrong is her perception, and maybe get some work done. But, as she just makes a mess, she'll probably be "laterally promoted" out of there AFTER more people are injured or die as a result of forcible detention and mistreatment/abuse by state agency.

And your time limits are arbitrary, where you claim that unless you receive response within 10 days, (actually 14 as I can see your logical error) the imposition of such a demand upon my person is kinda, what's the world, extorting myself to do an action that is quite clearly meant to soothe her need for authority. So I am hereby formally committing, in writing, to continuing proper communication with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, hopefully it won't be with the dyslexic/depresssive Ms Robin Hutchinson. Could you commit to having someone on the file who isn't dyslexic or suffering from depression? I sympathize, but Island Health is refusing to properly treat a patient, and is improperly treating many others (from our reports) so I don't really care to indulge the fantasies of Ms Hutchinson. Thanks!

And really, the fact that the OIPCBC has stopped perusing the website hurts my feelings. I know it's boring, but do you really have to nod off so quickly?

Isaac, Solutions Architect with Henry Case (ON)
Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
Tel: +1 716-608-3531

Cc: Ombudsperson of British Columbia

See enclosed facsimile, so you know I'm not tilting at windmills. Read and share at your own risk.. The BC gov will probably threaten to sue you if you share this forbidden truth, how Vancouver Island Health authority may be actually causing patients to sustain bodily harm or even death, or at the least by all accounts, to suffer a more painful death in their twilight years.

Isaac to OIPCBC re Robin Hutchinson's Threats and General Bitchiness



Isaac, Mon, 09/23/2019 - 15:21
In legislation (read the Interpretation Act), for the purposes of time limits, they do not count weekends or statutory holidays, and so when you see "10 days" in legislation it is, unless indicated otherwise, meant as two calendar weeks.
I'm not sure where Ms Muffet glommed onto the understanding that 10 days notice is reasonable notice and excuse for coercive actions, but I just thought I'd clarify that semantic issue of what constitutes a "day" in legislation, for the uninformed or hubris ridden.