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Freedom of Covfefe Killbox is Fundamental Freedom (Updated)

Covfefe Operations may or may not be a partnership registered in the US and/or Canada, and Covfefe Killbox may or may not be a legally registered name for the aforementioned entity. Ms Robin Hutchinson did explicitly make coercive utterance to restrict my fundamental legal rights and freedoms, including not only my freedom of conscience, but also my freedom of association. Ms Robin Hutchinson is operating as a delegate of Commissioner Mc Evoy, and as such is a member of the Public Service...

Covfefe Killbox re Robin Hutchinson Investigation

Ms Hutchinson is refusing to do her job, unless Isaac, signs a statement confirming her allegation that he is acting inappropriately towards her and is, according to her, uttering a threat to cause death or grievous bodily injury to her person. Essentially, she wants me to declare myself to be a threat to her, which is not quite true..
She might be acting just a whee bit cray-cray, don't you think?

Robin Hutchinson is an idiot, because I refuse to "validate" her narcissistic delusion that I would be so foolish as to threaten people with bodily injury, or that I would think that serves any purpose. I have clearly stated, in conversation and various publications, that the recourse I am pursuing is simple. 

"Remember people, remember what I said?
I have always stated that we're coming after you, but coming after you legally and lawfully. The enemy has great hubris, and it will be their downfall."
Excerpt from Way of the Sh—eater.

The foolish woman doesn't seem to understand that her office is recorded and logged as having viewed information which would cause any reasonably competent individual to understand what a Killbox is, what Covfefe is, and that the incompetence and sheer laziness of Ms Robin Hutchinson is inescapable.
Well, either that or she's falsifying her reports of feeling threatened et al. And a member of the Public Service would never do that, right? Who can tell me what the Scatalogical Pathos is?

I hope you're proud, but I fear you're just too ignorant to appreciate the threat you pose to our senior citizens. Shame on you. It's almost like a person smothering a senior with a pillow. It's that f—ng sick.


“It is not the object of war to annihilate those who have given provocation for it, but to cause them to mend their ways.”
by the Greek historian Polybius (circa 200 to 118 B.C.)

Article last updated  on October 2nd 2019, at 0557EDT.