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Open Source Ops: Scatological Pathos

Remember people, remember what I said?
I have always stated that we're coming after you, but coming after you legally and lawfully. The enemy has great hubris, and it will be their downfall.

I explicitly requested electronic disclosure because it's much easier to publish copy directly from source, rather than going through the expense and unnecessarily time-consuming (and typo-prone) process of manual transcription of hard-copy disclosure. As a result, in the interests of expedience I am providing directly relevant excerpts.

I know that context is critical to pretty much everything, so I apologize for my inability to speak through the bulimic cognition of Ms KRISNA PHOSY in regards to VIHA FOI 19006. I am proceeding in a loose application of the FM 3-09.34 protocol to a Covfefe engagement. The excerpts should provide enough data for accurate targeting of any possible legal and lawful strategies undertaken by our supporters. Phone-calls and letter-writing helps!

In a recent development, CARFRA LAWTON LLP has been retained by VANCOUVER ISLAND HEALTH AUTHORITY to prevent our continued disclosure of content which brings the "..reputation of VIHA, its employees, and contractors into disrepute through the publication of defamatory content." (excerpt from NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM)

Firstly, your allegation is without merit Mr TIM WEDGE. I'm not surprised that you are taking the partial disclosure out of context, but it's only "partial" because your client has denied me the full and complete electronic records disclosure which I formally requested, repeatedly, and continue requesting, from your illiterate monkeys, who cannot recognize legal precedent, nor acknowledge the position of the OIPCBC as explored in F09-18-MS

What I find really amusing is how Island Health (aka Guantanamo North) has responded to my requisition for digital disclosure with.. a CEASE AND DESIST letter demanding that I cease and desist my defence of the fundamental rights and freedoms of our elderly, or frail, and otherwise disadvantaged members of society.
We must protect our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our neighbours and cohorts, from ANY illegal detention. For the purposes of our proposed lawsuit, illegal detention is any form of forcible confinement, restriction, or medication of a Canadian Citizen by a designate facility or a state agency, in contravention of Charter Rights, including but not limited to breach of Charter S10 Detention Rights.

Are you all ready for this?
Who wants some Covfefe?


Isaac, Wed, 06/19/2019 - 17:53
This is art, generally describing the FM 3-09.34 "Kill Box" protocol approach to atypical conflicts for public engagement by Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement. Open your mind, and don't be stupid, it's an information war, and they wish to limit our choices by restricting our access to information. #WWG1WGA