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Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Kill Box Employment

We're employing the JFC KillBox Protocol for development and deployment of the Gitmo Canada Covfefe operation.

The Kill Box MTTP reinforces kill boxes as three-dimensional areas used to facilitate the integration of joint fires while also being a permissive fire support coordination measure (FSCM) in accordance with JP 3-09, Joint Fire Support. The publication offers a detailed explanation of kill box employment and provides information to effectively organize, plan, and execute kill box procedures. 
The purpose of this publication is to provide planners and operators with a single source MTTP manual that focuses on employment of kill boxes at the operational and tactical levels of warfighting to facilitate the expeditious air-to-surface lethal attack of targets which may be augmented by or integrated with surface-to-surface indirect fires. The target audience includes commanders, operations and intelligence sections of Service components, and their counterparts on the JFC’s staff.

Retrieved from Public Intelligence on June 19th, 2019.