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Heart-warming Northern Covfefe anyone?

We're readying our own #COVFEFE operation to force the focus of life back into @VanIslandHealth and stripping its #pallbearers of strength and restoring the principles of #PalliativeCare. Rather than doping a PT up to diagnose dementia and facilitate their voluntary action to 'choose' #StateSponsoredManslaughter.…. @CLASBC @BCOmbudsperson @EuthanasiaPC #ThesePeopleAreStupid

@VanIslandHealth has the highest rate of #StateSponsoredManslaughter in Canada, outpacing the rest of our #SocialistNation by over 300%. That is terrifying, that our family or loved ones may be admitted to a health facility, and that facility may drug them up with deleterious psychotropics, malnourish them, and offer them the right to "choose" death..

A choice made while under the influence of psychotropics or otherwise deleterious pharmaceuticals. Let that sink in. Read it and re-read it. Express your feelings.

"[The report] also said of all islanders who went through with medically assisted suicides, 57 died at home, 26 per cent in acute-care hospitals, 12 per cent in hospices or palliative care units, and three per cent in residential or assisted care... The top reasons patients gave for requesting assisted deaths were cancer (61 per cent), organ failure (19 per cent) and neurodegenerative disease (8 per cent). The average age was 76."


Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 06/25/2019 - 10:22
My Dad was in long term care for early onset dementia in Victoria BC. He was 61 when he went into full term care due to my Mother not being able to keep up with his day to day needs. The decision was not taken lightly and likely should have happened a year prior.

As he was only 61 and still very physically fit they care facility (Kiwanas pavillion) administered anti psychotic drugs and other drugs which permanently put him into a wheel chair and left him with his head kinked down and to the left for 5 of the 6 year he was there. He passed away a few years ago now.

Massive lack of ability to care for these people does not give them the right to manslaughter them. He was drugged up to keep him from being overactive in the facility was their excuse. Into a wheelchair for good.

They also shut those care homes down for the flu etc every year or two for weeks. during this time noone can go into the quarantine. The care levels drop to nothing. It's nothing but massive elder abuse on a industrial scale. Get them in, drain their families wealth, manslaughter them to free up a bed.

It's pretty easy to come to this conclusion after watching this happen. As it's what happened.