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Open Source Ops: Notice on Notice

The first brave soul posted a note about the treatment
their parent suffered at the hands of an Island Health
long-term-care facility where it seems they may have
caused or accelerated the patient's physical decline and
forced their family member to become confined to a
wheelchair for what.. the convenience of the VIHA
caretakers. I said caretaker intentionally, as they don't
give care, they just try to take care.. being careful not
to get caught, possibly.

The comment is located at our post about 
Northern Covfefe.

So, I spoke with TIMOTHY WEDGE for approximately 15 minutes (well, 14:01, but then, who actually winds their clock these days?) on June 24, 2019. I thanked him for serving his NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM upon my person correctly, unlike some other shifty lawyers who like to do improper ex parte motions (ie. RICHARD S MARGETTS, QC, see Victoria Law Courts Supreme Civil #054279, where he did commence the motion without notice, before the earliest time he was permitted to do so by the Rules, being September 14, 2005) and went on to further clarify his disposition as follows:

  • Isaac: I called the Registry and it looks you you hadn't filed any papers there yet... my apprehension of the deal was that you file papers then serve Notice. You served Notice, and that was correct, thank-you and so the clock's ticking, right? ..So I'm asking, did maybe, maybe you didn't do your run down to the Registry yet or...
  • Timothy: "Yeah, The letter we sent you was just a written official NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM, there's a form that we use for that here in British Columbia... so we haven't filed anything yet."
  • Isaac: You stated that I have 14-days from the date of the letter to comply, but umm.. as per the COURT RULES ACT, the Supreme Court Civil Rules, it's technically three weeks from the date of Service...
  • Timothy: No, the 14-days we set out in the letter was my client's demand that you remove the defamatory content in that period, or else an action would be started um what it is, is it wouldn't be until 21-days after Service of a NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM that you would have to respond.
  • Isaac: I looked it over, and it meets pretty much the requisites of a NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM which was really sloppy and shoddy, but I guess you were rushed or had an Articling Associate do it, or an Articling Student do it, but... I have no intention of removing that cuz in my.. well, you can see what I've done right?
    So, it speaks for itself. It's not going to be removed cuz it's in the severe Public Interest... I don't want anyone else being falsely detained by the Island Health regime of 'Mental Health' because they're being really reckless with peoples' health. Cuz, y'know that video right? You've saw, well, one of the videos. Cuz, the one video where the doctor goes and prescribes and says 'Take your Risperidone whenever you hear the neighbours making noise,' that's, and, the Risperidone, in conjunction with the patient's symptoms.. that is in direct contravention of the NOTICE of Health Canada which I have also extolled on the site...

    This is not just for the, for my mother-in-law it's for every.. cuz, you guys like, The Ombud's report .. the Ombud has a report out that.. mirrored on the site also, and you province has been sitting there detaining people illegally and in contravention of the Constitution, technically. So, you're pissing on people's Charter Rights and then, I've been watching and nothing has happened...
    Your whole Province has known for years and.. so then of course we come to now, which is last year, or actually this year, when the SLAPP legislation was finally passed, and put in force, technically. And no sooner does that happen, than I get SLAPP'd with a NOTICE OF CLAIM, and... -laughter- I'm just...
    No, I appreciate that because technically you have actually initiated a claim against me, even though it was poorly done, the intent is clearly there, and it's... And of course, I have full recourse to make full response, and to actually, as I've extolled in the blog, to name THIRD PARTIES which would be the THIRD PARTY STATE ACTORS which I also referred to in the blog, which in your NOTICE OF CLAIM (technically, that's what it is) you claim... the wording you used 'Employees and contractors or sub-contractors,' I think your terms were...
    But it's, it's not defamatory because A) there's been no judgement rendered, and that's an allegation, and you're allowed to make that allegation, yes. Because now we're going to prove that it's defamatory, cuz like, how does the rapist claim, or since I used that in one of the posts, I'll use… I'll go back to the pedophile analogy, okay?
    In the case of a pedophile.. I actually did a post about a, the recent nurse that was arrested, well not recent but but he was arrested a couple years ago who had been working with Island Health, dealing with vulnerable patients… he was a pedophile, or rather a collector of child pornography etceteras and so that's… I've tagged it NEGLIGENCE because that's what it is, you.. VIHA, your client does not meet the threshold of a responsible, self-regulating entity. It needs, someone needs to basically.. someone needs to enforce the law on its nurses and sub-contractors and contractors because they evidently cannot…
    Most of them are self-regulated professionals right? But, the thing is, and as I explored in another article mirrored on the blog, these professionals that are self-regulated… but we've got all these rogue contractors who have… who are complicit in, either cognizantly or unconsciously, in the manufacture of a factitious disorder and imposition of such on vulnerable members of this society, of our society.
    And I explored that, how it's kinda stupid how.. not you, how these people are acting very stupid cuz they have to WATCH THEIR ASSUMPTIONS, and then check their assumptions. Because, you know what they say about assumptions, right? I'm not going to recount it because you might take offence, but assumption is a big mistake…
    Part of the thing is, when you do FILE the motion, you're going to have to enter into the entire contents of the file I have access to, which is the FOIA-19 —the entire, complete, unedited, un-redacted, contents of FOIA— well, it's what the blog's about at this stage, it's going to branch out and include many more victims of the malfeasance by STATE ACTORS and the STATE AGENCY because this.. I had dealings with the Royal Jubilee Hospital's ignorance like, a long time ago, fifteen years ago they, they broke the law, technically. And they, did an ex parte, yadda yadda, and umm.. and so I over looked it, because I thought 'Oh, they're just being pressured by an Insurance Company and they're basically…'
    This time comes around and I see again they're taking advantage of people who cannot defend… against the fraudulent actions… but the thing is, nothing has happened, you guys like your Ombudsperson he has, over and over, he is saying 'Oh, look at this! We have a ROGUE STATE AGENCY that our Mental Health Act..' cuz it's worse than Gitmo, because people have no rights as soon as any doctor says, pshh, you got no rights. We don't like how you walk, we don't like how you talk, again that's where it comes into play CHECK YOUR ASSUMPTIONS, right? But this, so they need to be called to heel, and I'm doing this in a very fastidious and diligent fashion, so I'm-I've  kinda extolled that I going to take out.. I'm going to legally and lawfully seek recourse on every single Actor that I can, who is acting in contravention of the lawful application of Legislated Statute.

  • Timothy: So we're going forward Mr BonHillier, you'll know when we commence the Claim because you'll receive a, uh, filed NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM and in that, a specific letter telling you that I'm serving that on you, and then after that you'll have the timeframe under the RULES OF COURT to Respond
    The letter is just a CEASE AND DESIST letter, not an actual filed Court Proceeding. So once the Court Proceeding is filed that's when the timelines will start, and the response timelines are set out in THE RULES OF COURT so that's how I anticipate my client will proceed.

  • Isaac: Yes, so in the interests of expedience, you could just tell your client that I'm not gonna budge on this issue, until they, and I've set it our very clearly.. I'm not going to budge until this situation is remediated and no other vulnerable member of our society is basically detained and abused by this ROGUE STATE AGENCY.

  • Timothy: ..we'll be in touch in due course.


Who wants to see me get SLAPP'd around a bit? Do you think I should sell tickets to cover my travel expenses? You'll note that I'm using a very specific style of prose, and a rather qurious lexicon. I'm just getting started, as it's LONG overdue for somebody with some cajones to stand up to the Pharmaceutical industry that treats our most vulnerable members of society as simple receptacles for the pills being pushed.

Often these pills have a deleterious effect on the mental health and well-being of patients, in some cases they actually CAUSE what they're supposed to CORRECT or MITIGATE. My recommendation to the Plaintiff still stands, mitigate the provincial losses and let me go after, legally and lawfully, ROGUE STATE ACTOR(S) who're acting in a generally negligent, or specifically malicious, manner which may be reasonably expected to cause severe bodily harm, or even death, to persons under the care of the STATE AGENCY Vancouver Island Health Authority.


Anonymous (not verified), Sun, 12/27/2020 - 22:08

Bon-Hillier was a familiar face to some of the officers during a June 26 demonstration at College and University, south of the Legislature. Three years ago, he was involved in a serious car accident in British Columbia and suffered a traumatic brain injury which caused his personality to change, leaving him prone to periodic violent outbursts.

He has been accused of uttering threats and, last year, Justice David Brown of Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice concluded Bon-Hillier was a security risk and that his conduct was “tantamount to stalking” when he showed up in the judge’s courtroom on a day when his case was not scheduled to be heard.