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Six ways to Sunday, you're phucked

You know you're a racist piece of sh— when, as a fully insured and regulated Registered Social Worker, Registered Occupational Therapist a Registered Physiotherapist, or a lowly Registered Nurse, you aggressively act in persecution of a naturalized immigrant who has poor Engrish communication skills...

The following is a working draft of our complaint/response/counterclaim against "VIHA, its employees, and contractors" which I alluded to in my earlier posts in which I explored the doors unlocked by the insurance law specialist Timothy Wedge, so seeing as the OIPCBC requested personal service, I'm sure they'll be pleasantly surprised to be named parties in my response, which may or may not be in the form of a Counterclaim (3-4) and Third Party Claim (3-5).
And I am, as specified previously in SCATOLOGICAL PATHOS, utilizing the Kill Box Protocol for the present COVFEFE op.. hence the term Covfefe Killbox, something deliberately distorted by the proletariat mooks.

The really aggravating problem with VIHA refusing electronic disclosure is that I have to manually search and transcribe through the 1200+ pages. But according to the powers that be, I must NOT be allowed to complete inquiry into how and why Island Health, and Royal Jubilee Hospital in particular, are so fond of extralegal detention, and how they're getting away with dosing patients with the restricted medication Risperidone to make patients more manageable and more swift usher them to their death.

It's really a shame that the hubris of VIHA, RJH, and OIPCBC is going to prevent a patient from getting medical attention without being unlawfully confined and forcibly medicated with a substance reasonably probable of causing her death or grievous bodily injury.
As her health deteriorates, so to does the chance that those formally designated Threats to the Public Safety to escape their legal and lawful just desserts.

Because I'm coming for you either way guys, but if my mother dies from your conceited negligence, It will suddenly become my mission to stop you, legally and lawfully, I'll stop you.
Wherever you run. Right now you can just scamper off shamefully and I won't seek total victory over you and your estate. If my mother dies whilst you deny her healthcare without the reasonable fear that she will be forcibly confined and administered deleterious substances whose sole purpose is to stupefy patients, most bets are off.

I won't go after you a la Punisher, but rather shall I bankrupt and disenfranchise you through exceptional* civil legal action. If I cannot prevent Island Health from hastening the death of, and terrorizing the life of, my mother, at least I shall prevent VIHA from causing death or grievous bodily injury to any other person's mother. The long night swiftly approaches, my friends.


June 29th, 2018

Patient H is admitted to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for Sepsis consequent to a prolapsed hysterectomy with tearing sutures.


July 20th, 2018

A Discharge Assessment performed by Michelle Dalzelle RPT on July 20th when the patient had been admitted for sepsis, which progressed to shock, after her initial admission to the Royal Jubilee Hospital on June 29th, 2018. In this assessment Ms Dalzelle noted that Patient H resides with her son who offers assistance with daily activities. She also noted:

  • The patient's residence is in an older building managed by Devon Properties, close to ground level, 
  • The patient had difficulty ambulating about the apartment, and that her endurance was minimal.
  • The patient readily discontinues medication if she experiences adverse side effects (which she has frequently experienced) and consequently prefers natural herbal based remedies.
  • Patient H had stated that she found natural herbal remedies such as herbal teas to be soothing, and that boiled flaxseed would help to settle her stomach.
  • Immediately prior to attending the Royal Jubilee Hospital in search of medical assistance, Patient H had reported the symptoms of delirium (including disordered thinking and memory difficulties) just prior to her admission for treatment of Sepsis, which has a veritable laundry list of Sepsis Related Symptoms. For a fuller list of symptoms please visit the Sepsis Alliance.


July 25/26th, 2018

Patient H is certified as an incapable patient under the Mental Health Act, because the proletariat pill-pushing mooks at Island Health saw the patient experiencing symptoms consistent with Sepsis-associated Delirium and immediately labeled the patient as having an Undiagnosed Psychotic Disorder. Further, they immediately started treating the patient with Risperidone, a medication that has been restricted for use in treating seniors with dementia of the Alzheimer's type, because the risk of cerebrovascular adverse side-effects is too great. I still need to crack open the 1200+ page disclosure obscuring this certification. I requested Digital Disclosure, and it was refused by the cognitive bulimic Krisna Phosy.


August 27th, 2018

Patient H is discharged, shortly after having filed for review of her Detention by the Mental Health Review Board.


September 4th, 2018

Janet Klotz states that she recieved [sic] a referral from Michelle Dalzel, an Occupational Therapist with VIHA Geriatric Support Services (GSS) which also calls itself Seniors Outreach Team (SORT). The SORT "integrates" with other VIHA Mental Health and Substance Use services, because every senior is a potential substance consumer.. substances like the go-to for "managing" the health of patients, Risperidone!

The Klotz confirms that the reason for her interest included "concerns" that Patient H would not be taking the prescribed Risperidone "whenever [she] hears the neighbours making noise". Ms Klotz confirms that she relied extensively on collateral provided by Gale Prokapiw RSW, a fully licensed and insured employee of Royal Jubilee Hospital.

The Klotz spoke to Patient H's son and claimed that she obtained consent for a "visit" on Thursday September 6th.

Timothy Wedge is first and foremost, a lawyer
specializing in Insurance Defence. He was retained by
Island Health to discourage our publication of a clear
and present danger to the public safety.


September 6th, 2018

In her SURF (Substance Use Referral Form) summary, Janet Klotz RN and Stephanie Rempel RPT acknowledged that when they attended the residence of Patient H, the duo had difficulty understanding her due to the language barrier, but they understood and confirmed that the patient did not allow strangers to enter her apartment.
Janet promptly identified herself and stated that the patient's son had agreed to a visit. Janet confirms that she believed Patient H agreed to allow the duo to enter —even though she didn't buzz them in.

Janet calls the apartment, and the phone is answered by the son of Patient H. He tells Janet that no, she is incorrect, and that she should call the SIL Isaac.


October XXth, 2018

After I dig it up, I'll transcribe something special in here.


November 11th, 2018

Patient H suffers a fall on November 11th, 2018 injuring her right distal radius and sustaining a right ulnar styloid fracture. Basically, she broke her right forearm or wrist as she had attempted to break her fall as a result of a faulty device she was loaned by the Red Cross Loan Cupboard in Victoria, BC.


December 5th, 2018

Janet Klotz RN confirms that Patient H contacted her for assistance with replacing her walker, that same walker having caused her to fall (defective brakes) a month prior. However, Ms Klotz made certain to note that "due to the language barrier it was difficult to determine exactly what the client was saying." (Remember this later).

The Klotz called and spoke with Patient H, telling her to "call community access to generate a referral to be seen." Patient H told the Klotz that her hand is broken, so she cannot write down the phone number, to which the Klotz told Patient H to get her son on the phone.

After speaking with Patient H's son, Isaac (the SIL) called the Community Access Centre (CAC) to generate a referral for a Physiotherapist to attend the residence of Patient H. This referral explicitly stated that there was to be no call to Patient H or her son, and that Isaac was to be present for the home visit via Skype.

The Klotz spoke to Susan Barr and they disregarding this restriction on the referral, elected to contact Patient H directly, without Isaac acting as a mediator. The Registered Physiotherapist Jennifer Angus phoned Patient H and asked to make a home visit. Patient H uttered consent for Jennifer Angus to attend her domicile.

Sidebar: Patient H only consented to attendance by
Jennifer Angus, and that on numerous occasions in the
previous months the patient had denied attendance by the Klotz.


December 7th, 2018

Jennifer Angus makes a home visit to assess the physical needs of Patient H, but Janet Klotz makes her uninvited appearance... not unlike a smelly douche rag tailgating into a concert. 

In her Substance Use Referral Form (SURF) summary, Janet Klotz RN confirms that Patient H was admitted June 29th, 2018 and discharged on August 27th, 2018, directing the reader to "see documentation regarding interactions with the clients SIL Isaac 'who lives in Toronto.'" 

Patient H buzzed Jennifer Angus into her building, and Jennifer was accompanied by the Klotz. Immediately upon entering the apartment, the Klotz noted that a pot was simmering on the stove, and there was some raw chicken sitting on the counter.
The Klotz (likely a TV Dinner addict) found the concept of letting the meat defrost before cooking foreign, and inherently unhygienic.

The Klotz confirms that she understands "English is not the patient's first language but she was able to communicate fairly effectively." Patient H stated that her son does the cooking for her (while her wrist is broken) and innocently showed the Klotz the pills she was taking, some Vitamins and stating that she had before taken Advil which made her dizzy, and so she had discontinued that medication.
The Klotz also notes that Patient H "continually spoke of infection". (Remember her recent admission for Sepsis and the harrowing detention that she was subject to consequent her seeking medical attention for her acute symptoms of Sepsis, including Delirium.)

Patient H went further in trying to explain to the Klotz that the Sepsis had been as a result of a prolapsing Hysterectomy. She went on to explain the traumatic incident (a forced abortion) that had directly preceded the Hysterectomy. Having been subject to the trauma of a fetus being ripped out of her (forced abortion) and also having her Uterus ripped out and just stitched up with some sutures that, as they tear the flesh, have a tendency to result in Sepsis later in life. Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and most seniors who have suffered Septic Shock are deceased.
 However, not having a mediator in attendance, the Klotz was free to engage in self-justifying interpretation. So she promptly told Patient H that she needed to go to the hospital to have her arm checked. and Patient H was conveyed to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, where the Klotz submitted her report to the Intake Liaison.


December 27th, 2018

Patient H is decertified and discharged from Royal Jubilee Hospital. Isaac submits an amendment to the original FOI requisition making it to include up to the date of discharge for Patient H.