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Open Source Ops: To Feed the Minds of the Intellectually Emaciated Proles

These people are stupid, but it's not necessarily their fault. They're afflicted with Anorexia Nervosa of the mind. They abstain from feeding their minds, even when their intellect is evidently starving and withering away... I've tried to feed them, but they go bulimic and immediately rush under their desk to regurgitate the morsels of knowledge I had carefully provided and contextualized for the inept lemmings. Whatever am I to do for the poor likes of stupid KLUTZ and PHOSY-PROLE?

I recently transcribed some content from FOI 19006 (Pp81-82) because unfortunately the incompetent (poorly trained) employee has flat-out refused to provide electronic disclosure, even though it was on the initial requisition, I have continually reminded her of that specific qualifier, and she is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to provide electronic disclosure.

See Ms KRISNA PHOSY to ISAAC wherein she declares the supremacy of her legal knowledge, claiming that her whims trump legislation. I think she looks like a mouth-breather, don't you?

As you can likely ascertain, I'm fed up with spoon-feeding mental midgets and having them spit-up in my face. I'm providing enough information that a COMPETENT individual can quickly put the pieces together, but I am sick and tired of the almost 6-month delay caused by the ignorant prole-in-the-wall Ms KRISNA PHOSY.

You guys might also find it interesting the differing capitalization I have used.. sometime John Doe, and sometimes Ms KRISNA PHOSY. Please, think to yourself.. in which case do we use this formatting?