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What is a Threat Network?

These people are a threat; they're a threat to our fragile seniors, they're a threat to our newborns, and they're even a threat to the general populace. In the coming weeks, we're going to delve into just how much of an immanent threat they are. Stay tuned, as we reach peak deployment... Covfefe style.

But really, these people are rather stupid. One thing I found interesting was how they're almost bragging about how Risperidone shortens people's lives and makes them more manageable. The analogy of sheep to the slaughter seems very apropos. I wonder, what's the going judgement for a wrongful death lawsuit? We've got all these conceited pricks who just make a diagnosis to fit the prescription, rather than the documented symptoms.

I think the reason people haven't made a big fuss about it previously is that either they're just too polite, too easily bullied by the big bad government actors, or they're just so hurt by the untimely death of a loved on that they don't have the heart to keep fighting.
It's probably a mixture of the all, and some things I haven't covered (afraid of publishing their reports of an immanent threat to the health and welfare of a large stratum of the public) but it shall be interesting to see just what will be their next poorly planned move. They might put out a prohibition on visiting or they might do something like threaten to fire people for reading the articles about Whistleblowing in British Columbia.

I dunno, what do you think, buddy?

Yes, I'll say it again...

These people are stupid,
Really mother—ng stupid.