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Timeline: What is Unreasonable Delay

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia claims that the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) regulates the information and privacy practices of public bodies including BC government, local governments, crown corporations, and local police forces, etc.

This includes Vancouver Island Health Authority, its employees, contractors, and sub-contractors. Patient H has the right to request and receive her records held by public bodies. Michael McEvoy has even published a list of the top 10 tips to help public bodies meet the timelines and requirements for responding to requests for records under FIPPA.

  1. Designate an FOI Manager
  2. Assist applicants
  3. Adopt early resolution tactics
  4. Pay attention to timelines
  5. Keep adequate documentation
  6. Maintain policies and training

  7. Stay up-to-date on OIPC guidelines

  8. Adopt routine release

  9. Make information easy to access

  10. If in doubt, contact us here!

What we presently have is Patient H being categorized by Royal Jubilee Hospital, of Vancouver Island Authority, as an elderly female allegedly suffering from the symptoms of delirium, dementia, and paranoia. As a result, Vancouver Island Health Authority, its employees, contractors, and sub-contractors, are on record as having prescribed medication to manage her presumed "..aggression or psychotic symptoms in patients with severe dementia of the Alzheimer type unresponsive to non-pharmacological approaches and when there is a risk of harm to self or others."
Presumed because she was suffering acute septic delirium in the summer of 2018, which she attended the Royal Jubilee Hospital in search of medical attention. This distorted (acute delirium being treated as chronic dementia of the Alzheimer's type) blight on her permanent, in conjunction with her poe Engrish is a recipe for discrimination. Discrimination, leading to extermination.

Patient H is forcibly restrained and medicated to manage her alleged symptoms of "..severe dementia of the Alzheimer type.." whenever she attends a medical facility or seeks medical assistance within the purview of Vancouver Island Health Authority or its employees, contractors, and sub-contractors. The patient and her representatives have expressed concern about the prescription of Risperidone, but they have simply been subject to derisive remarks like "are you a medical person? I'm a doctor.." Such a physician who is fully trained and licensed, and protected by the by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and fully protected from civil or criminal liability for any acts or decisions made in Good Faith.

Indemnity for acts such as as prescribing the medication Risperidone to an elderly female patient with severe asthma, and forcibly administering it to this patient when she politely declines, by virtue of the powers conferred upon these State Actors by provision of the Mental Health Act.
These powers are activated when a person is properly subject to detention under the Mental Health Act as one who allegedly "requires care, supervision and control in or through a designated facility to prevent the person's or patient's substantial mental or physical deterioration or for the protection of the person or patient or the protection of others".

But what happens if one is detained improperly (Charter Section 10 violation, probably a sh—load more) and is forcibly administered a medication that Health Canada has issued a warning to "Health professionals working in the following settings: Geriatrics, Geriatric Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Extended Care Facilities, Nursing Homes and Pharmacies"? (See Alert)
What happens when upon receiving reports from a patient's representative of these facts, the person who has made the report is subject to a SLAPP lawsuit, and Patient H is denied reasonable and proper care for over a year, as her health deteriorates whilst struggling to survive in a smoke-filled, thievery-ridden building managed by Devon Properties.

What happens is this patient is faced with a difficult choice. Patient H can attend a medical facility or seeks medical assistance within the purview of Vancouver Island Health Authority, and with reasonable likelihood be forcibly detained and forcibly incapacitated with illegal (well, contrary to safety restriction of Health Canada) and harmful substances that will lead to her stroking out or being rendered mentally incapable. Or she can sit and suffer in quiet, as she is subject to a reckless violation of Clean Air bylaws  in Victoria by an absentee landlord of Devon Properties, in an apartment with insufficient security (wafer thin doors) and improper ventilation (improper air circulation, all you can smell is second-hand carcinogens) and still die, but die as a free individual.

The very fact that Patient H is forced to make this choice, by virtue of the patient's records being distorted or otherwise malingered by deceptive submissions from, VIHA, its employees, contractors, and sub-contractors, is something that we take issue with, and the gross resistance to discovery by the FOI derps for Island Health and now the incompetent fluffers of Michael McEvoy.
But, there is a process to rectify this situation, which entails first making an FOI request to Island Health, aka Vancouver Island Health Authority, for a full and complete disclosure of the health records for Patient H in an electronic format, for the period from October 1st, 2015 thru December 27, 2018, inclusive. This was made amended on December 27th, 2018.

Ms Krisna PHOSY then simply REFUSES to fulfill the request clearly stating that "..Island Health’s privacy policy does not allow for us to mail sensitive personal medical information on an electronic medium, such as CD or usb stick... we provided everything we are legally entitled to provide.  If you are unhappy with our decision, it is your right to register a complaint with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner."

So, we submit a formal complaint to the OIPCBC including a rather salient declaration that "we're prepping to [go] public and garner maximum public engagement to gather as many class members as possible.. I'll have to properly structure the site for deployment to gather victims reports. We must not allow Island Health to continue its egregious violation of Charter Rights."

Even though I explicitly informed the intake worker Kathy Baker that I took issue with both the redaction of records, and the refusal to comply with FIPPA policy regarding electronic disclosure, the idiot Robin HUTCHINSON claims that "According to the information you have provided to me, Island Health responded to your concerns about the records not being in electronic format on May 30, 2019."

They provided response, and it was insufficient, you moron Ms HUTCHINSON. That is why we lodged complaint with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia. Yet, even after us informing you that we've documented you and your office perusing Covfefe Operations information on our site for Guantanamo North, eh? you persist on the foolish claim that you feel threatened by our usage of the Killbox Protocol and the fact that we're looking into you. Fu—ng idiot, quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Such hubris you have.

So to sum it up for those of you without patience:

  • Patient H is being denied proper or adequate healthcare by Royal Jubilee Hospital and Island Health (Vancouver Island Health Authority) as a result of the patient's records being distorted or otherwise deceptive submissions by VIHA, its employees, contractors, and sub-contractors.
  • June 29th, 2018: Patient H was admitted to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for treatment of complications relating to Septic Shock consequent to her prolapsed hysterectomy. Your idiot doctors ignored the fact that her insides were tearing apart, and simply treated her for urosepsis.
  • July 25/26th, 2018: 1st and 2nd certificate for Form 4 detention pursuant the Mental Health Act is completed, as the patient was progressing through a condition called Septic Delirium as a result of tainted blood from her prolapsed hysterectomy reaching the brain, and causing amongst other symptoms, extreme delirium. This went on her permanent health record as an unknown delirium, when you dip—ts knew full well she was in Septic Shock. 
  • August 21st, 2018: Meghna KOTAK RSW confirms that plan is to refer Patient H to tertiary psychiatric facility Sandrinham, and confirmed that Patient H wished to return home.
  • August 27th, 2018: Patient H is released under threats to take them to the BC Mental Health Review Board. A JV court.
  • September 6th, 2018: Janet KLOTZ confirms that she was asked to contact Isaac for any future visits.
  • September 9th, 2018: Janet KLOTZ attends the building of Patient H. Patient H denied her access to her home.
  • December 4th, 2018: Home and Community Care (HCC) Intake Assessment Report is completed by Gwen GADDES, RN confirming that the malingered diagnosis of Patient H is:
    • Language Barrier
    • Paranoid Delusional Disorder
    • Impaired Insight/Judgement
    • Misses some part/intent of message BUT with repetition or explanation can often comprehend conversation
  • December 7th, 2018: Patient H was admitted by way of Fraudulent Conveyance by Janet KLOTZ RN and Jennifer ANGUS PT. Previously, notes filed by Ms KLOTZ on September 27, 2018...

  • December 7th, 2018: Allegedly, a MHA Form 16 is completed as a NOTIFICATION TO NEAR RELATIVE for the admission and detention of an involuntary patient, despite violation of the Health Care Consent and Care Facility Admissions act which requires that the female patient have the option of being accompanied by a close friend or relative.
    Despite having meticulously documented that Patient H has a significant language barrier, she was forcibly detained and denied the services of an interpreter. If you assess someone whose grasp of English is only basic, you can easily entrap them with your considerable linguistic prowess, you filthy c—ts. This is not just unacceptable, but also the epitome of devious gameplay you mental midgets. The way you've acted thus far, has kinda set your options in stone.

  • December 11th, 2018: Allegedly, a Mental Health Act (MHA) Form 15 as a NOMINATION OF NEAR RELATIVE, albeit it appears both forms were completed at the same time. In this document Isaac's name is spelled incorrectly, despite being on the patient's file as NOK since August 27, 2018.

  • December 12th, 2018: Patient H transferred to 2SE Psychiatry, and continued on Risperidone.

  • December 20th, 2018: Patient H is given a MHA Form 13 NOTIFICATION OF DETENTION RIGHTS with the assistance of a PROVINCIAL LANGUAGE INTERPRETER informing her that she is being detained as an INVOLUNTARY PATIENT.

  • December 21st, 2018: Patient H (now knowing why they are holding her prisoner) completes a MHA Form 18  REQUEST FOR REVIEW PANEL HEARING.

  • December 25th, 2018: Patient H was assessed by Dr Nerenberg, a psychiatrist fluent in Spanish. Dr Neremberg, speaking the same language as Patient H, felt she did not qualify for certification under the Mental Health Act.

  • January 2nd, 2019: Janet KLOTZ completes a referral for MEDICATION MANAGEMENT (to ensure Patient H takes her Risperidone).

  • January 3rd, 2019: Carissa Hiebert confirms that Janet KLOTZ is "following" Patient H, despite the complaints about her kidnapping Patient H and extorting her detention at a Provincial Mental Health Facility by way of an improper admission (patient was admitted by Fraudulent Conveyance). 

As a result, Patient H is suffering from poor-health, but she realizes that if she attends the hospital for assistance, they will promptly dose her with Risperidone, despite the notice issued by Health Canada about the increased incidence of "cerebrovascular adverse events" in patients, and that Risperidone is ONLY to be prescribed for patients with severe dementia of the Alzheimer's type, and even then only if the patient is exhibiting psychotic symptoms and there is a risk of harm to self or others.

She prefers to barely survive amongst horrible pollution (extreme second-hand smoke from neighbours that will kill her, as she has severe asthma that is aggravated by second hand smoke) but free and not being forced to take a medication that will reduce her to a vegetable and likely as not cause her to suffer a stroke.

Dr Magdalena Anna CASSAGRANDE confirmed that staff at Royal Jubilee Hospital felt threatened by Isaac stating that if necessary, he would pursue legal action against them individually, perhaps necessitating a form of CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE. Because of these threats of legal action, they called the Victoria Police Department and claimed that he was uttering threats to cause their bodily injury or death... even though they were EXPLICITLY informed that a threat of legal action does not constitute a threat, for the purposes of the Criminal Code. [ Note: I've got the recording... ]

We have the recordings, just like you do, you fu—ng morons. So, you continue to deny healthcare to Patient H, and your little LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER who moonlights as a really shi—y analyst for the information and Privacy Commissioner seems to think she can prevent the discovery and correction of the false or misleading medical records for Patient H. Correction of which records would allow her to attend the hospital without the reasonable fear of being subject to illegal detention and forcibly admnistered medication EXPLICITLY prohibited by Health Canada.

All these stupid members of the class I'm calling the PROLETARIAT MOOKS (and various derivatives) think they're protected from legal liability, but that's only partially true. They are protected from legal liability for any actions committed or opinions uttered so long as it is done in Good Faith.
I've made sure that you've had the choice evey fu—ing step of the way. Most of you have chosen to act in Bad Faith, you idiots.

You've reduced the probable extent, and caused egregious emotional, physical, and psychological harm. You've picked on the weakest members of society, and deliberately isolated and malingered their symptoms.

I take issue with this, as do many members of our society I expect. So, I'm coming for you; legally and lawfully, I'm coming for the PROLETARIAT MOOKS. Each and every one of you will be held to account. Well, only so many as reasonably possible. If you flee the country, or otherwise cease to remain as a threat, we probably won't be coming after you. Unless you've got an ugly kill-count.


“It is not the object of war to annihilate those who have given provocation for it, but to cause them to mend their ways.”
by the Greek historian Polybius (circa 200 to 118 B.C.)

Article last updated on October 9th 2019, at 0425EDT.

There goes your liability protection, bitches.
I'm coming for you.. legally and lawfully, I'm coming for all of you. It's Covfefe time!