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What is Guantanamo North? started as a personal/pet project, but upon some investigation, it looks like the discriminatory abrogation of fundamental rights and freedoms is rampant in Canada, and most especially so in the province of British Columbia.
Hence the name Guantanamo North, because the Constitution is of no force or effect for those detained, with or without due process, at a designate Provincial Mental Health Facility.


Is there yet more to come? This rogue provincial agency MUST be called to heel, and it WILL —one way or another— cease to violate the rights of our most vulnerable, for we will be judged not by how we treat the greatest amongst us, but by how we mistreat or abuse the weakest. Just because we can commit an action, does that make it an act of justice?
The government of British Columbia has been running rough-shod over its citizens rights and freedoms, and so far has done so without one iota of respect for the governing laws of our nation.
This will end. One way or another, the rogue actors will be held to account. These people are really stupid, they have made a rather poor job of concealing the substantial fraud against the constituency, and one of the veins we will be exploring is the REAL reason that the Greater Victoria area has the highest rate of state-sponsored-manslaughter in the country.

Maybe these people could  be sick, but maybe they are just really stupid.. inherently so.. they never thought they'd be held to account for their crimes against the public.