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According to counsel for VIHA (the plaintiff) if ISAAC BON HILLIER does not "..fully comply with the terms set out in the foregoing paragraph within 14 days of the date of this letter we will recommend to our client that appropriate legal action be undertaken."

This is pure and utter bullshit. According to BC Reg 56/2019 SUPREME COURT CIVIL RULES the responding party, ISAAC BON HILLIER was personally served (complying with Rule 4-3) with a notice of civil claim by counsel for the plaintiff ISLAND HEALTH.

Upon confirmed receipt of service (see enclosed) we have formally entered into a phase governed by Rule 3-3 generally called the time for response. The zero-sum gameplay has officially COMMENCED!

a notice of civil claim is delivered
..a notice of civil claim is properly delivered.. lock and load.


Move, Counter-Move..

Now, if we read the actual NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM I was served with, we can see that MR WEDGE stated very clearly that we must 'comply' with the terms set out by Island Health in their NOTICE OF CIVIL CLAIM  "within 14 days of the date of this letter we will recommend to [VIHA] that the appropriate legal action be undertaken."

(And just as a sidebar, this immediately reminded me of those annoying debt-collection letters you might have received for a debt that is not actually owing. Same sorta shit, shifty lawyers trying to shake down ignorant members of the public.)

Except for, as I explored elsewhere whilst busting my gut laughing at the stupidity of VIHA for its hubris in trying to SLAPP me into submission.. relevent excerpts follow:

  • "We received a CEASE AND DESIST "request" from CARFRA LAWTON who have been retained to discourage us from enlightening the acts of these STATE ACTORS."
  • "Astonishing.. I'm terrified, mortified, petrified by being threatened with a #SLAPP"

.But I didn't yet quite realize the great GIFT I had just been served with. A full tweet ensues:

So I took to Facebook and extolled the apparent stupidity of ISLAND HEALTH in its choice to retain a pre-pubescent man-child pretending to be a lawyer.

"Did a CHILD write this Notice? This is a seriously DEFECTIVE
Notice of Claim. Yes, it was served on me properly.. but that is
where it ceases to make sense... What the fuck? Are all the
lawyers in Vic this stupid? Please advise, I'm going to bed to
start working on my counterclaim and working on my third-party
notices this weekend, which I count is at least 8 other persons
who're going to lose their legal immunity almost immediately...
Please you guys, tell me that not EVERYONE on the Island has
suddenly gone full-retard."

But then, as I began to do a rudimentary background on his history with Guild Yule LLP, and this might be a part of his pattern of behaviour. But the good news is that he opened the door to a Counterclaim (3-4) and Third Party Claim (3-5) and you'll be relieved to know that I'm drawing up the party invite list in ROSTER OF PLAYERS because I am, as specified previously in SCATOLOGICAL PATHOS, utilizing the Kill Box Protocol for the present COVFEFE op.

So, I'm coming most directly after every single STATE ACTOR and STATE ASSOCIATE who is responsible for the malingering and deception of MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY in your little fiefdom of GUANTANAMO NORTH DEATH SOLICITORS.


Notice of SLAPP (composite)


This could be really fun!


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