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Open Source Ops: See what is a 3rd-party vs state-actor or state-associate

Ms KRISNA PHOSY has blanked out whole pages of disclosure, and replaced them with "s.22" which, in and of itself, is a clear indication that the unqualified individual is unaware of the legislation and policies regarding redaction of information.


Section 22 is the section of the FIPPA providing protections for third-party individuals, as in someone who is not an employee or associate of Island Health. An 'employee' is defined by the Act:

  • "employee", in relation to a public body, includes
    • (a) a volunteer, and
    • (b) a service provider;
  • And a "third party", in relation to a request for access to a record or for correction of personal information, means any person, group of persons or organization other than
    • (a) the person who made the request, or

    • (b) a public body;


  • An "associate" means, in relation to a service provider,

    • (a) an officer, director or partner of the service provider,

    • (b) an affiliate of the service provider,

    • (c) a subcontractor, or further sub-subcontractor, of the service provider or an affiliate 


So, most of these redactions are incorrect, because virtually everyone in relation to this is a state actor. In the off-chance that somebody is NOT state-actor and provided factitious information used in the detention and persecution of a foreign-born Christian, we come to the fact about the overriding nature of protecting the vulnerable and discouraging fraudulent, slanderous or factitious reports against the person made to a state-agency. Neighbours or service-providers making false reports is something we tend to discourage in our society, as it can be used as cover for additional assaults or harassment.

And, I told the personnel with Island Health that this is to serve as a form of discovery with which we can finally determine just how, why, and by whom this heinous bit of malingering (diagnosis of factitious disorder and denial and distortion of charter rights) was caused, and seek total legal remedy to ensure that this NEVER happens again to another helpless victim.

This would include somebody name CATHY who is a SERVICE PROVIDER with CoolAid. Her last known contact number is on file somewhere here, but I'll have to dig thru our records, although I believe we have some interesting phone-calls on record.

The patient stayed at a hostel managed by CoolAid called Sandy Merriman House, as she did not wish to waste her money on room at a hotel, and has no other family in the city.

But I digress, and I will try to dig up some more information about the service provider CATHY, who accompanied the victim to her medical appointments, slandered the victim's son, and generally ingratiated herself into every aspect of the victim's life possible.

I have no idea if there are other reports about this service provider CATHY who is an employee or contractor  for a state-associate called Victoria Cool Aid Society but if you've complaints about CATHY or any other associates or sub-contractors of Island Health, please don't hesitate to send us a report at and we'll do our best to look into it and see if Island Health is legally to be held liable.

Key vectors to flesh out:

    Worked with CoolAid Society Sandy Merriman Women's Hostel in 2015/2016. Perhaps longer.
  • Eva Jovak (sp?) Resident of Psychiatric Medicine at Royal Jubilee Hospital
    Probably completed her residency, as this was in August of 2018
    Look into whistleblower provisions for her testimony about what goes on at Royal Jubilee Hospital.
  • Dr Marshall, Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine at Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Dr Wei Song, Director of Psychiatry at Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Meghna Kotak, Social Worker at Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Janet Klotz, State Actor at Island Health
    Investigate as possible perpetrator of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
  • Gale Prokopiw, Social Worker at Royal Jubilee Hospital
    Investigate as possible perpetrator of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
  • Susan Barr, Adult Guardianship Specialist with Island Health
    She's a paper-pusher, attack credibility of her legal and medical counsel... 
    Untrained monkey that's doing damage to the health and welfare of vulnerable adults

  • Cathie Morin RSWM,
  • Robert Awai, Complaints Officer for Vancouver Island Health Authority
  • Carissa Hiebert
  • Dr Jean Mavoureen Maskey MD, at Royal Jubilee Hospital
    This "woman" is a universally stupid bully. Probably won't get her license pulled, so she will work to injure more patients through her total ineptitude. She doesn't even stay up-to-date on official restrictions issued by Health Canada.

Canada is a single-party consent jurisdiction for the making of any recordings or wiretaps, so what Dr Maske parrots is pure and utter bunk. Watch the video and see how she tries to bully an old lady and prevents her family from advocating for her, and actually admits to the forcible medication of this patient with Risperidone, and tries to bully the patient into consuming a dangerous substance "if you hear the neighbours making noise".


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