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These people are stupid.. S-T-U-P-I-D!

We're putting you on notice, the Government must immediately cease to abrogate persons of their fundamental rights and freedoms without observing due process. Jay Chalke... [This bit wasn't in our tertiary backups., including a snippet for posterity, if anybody copied/captured/printed the post, plz email it to us..]

Legally and lawfully, we're coming for you.

You will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Please understand that, you've been performing as a group of rogue state actors for far too long. You have been cautioned and warned, something which you fail to do for your detainees more than HALF the time you involuntarily confine them.

There is another word for involuntarily and forcibly confining a person without respect for the legal regulations governing involuntary detention. It's called kidnapping, you morons. I'm talking to you in particular, Ms Klotz.

I know you have people covering for your accountability, but we have every call recorded, so they will be added to the list of respondents as necessary. Have fun explaining to AG:Ex how your legal immunity still remains in force, even though you have acted in disregard of the law.

You people are stupid.. really, really, stupid.