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Open Source Ops: Update on Covfefe

We've got enough content now so we can begin the next stage, in anticipation of assisting patients and their families to fully enforce their fundamental rights and freedoms. It's Charter Enforcement, Covfefe style! We chose Covfefe because the police refuse to rein in these veritable pirates, so we're bringing the issue to the stakeholder, for it is YOU and YOUR interests that are paramount, something for which the ignorant lemmings of State Agency have developed a distaste..

As the website takes shape, you'll notice a few more specific details being scattered around, ripe for the picking. Your feedback is always welcome, so please feel welcome to submit your feedback, or your own account of an incident, at our form for SPECIFIC FEEDBACK.

Today I got a follow-up email from Timothy Wedge, in which he states that he's going to abide by his word, a practice likely condoned by the Law Society:

  • "As explained in our conversation (of June 24, 2019), you are mistaken about the letter I sent you: it is not a notice of civil claim."

You can listen to the entire conversation below.