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Love Letter

  • Annulment of Isaac and Maritza

    Unfortunately, as you never REALLY became a woman, you can easily supplant me with your family as surrogates for the physical and emotional closeness needs. You say you're worried about me being unfaithful because I'm what.. not dealing with the fact that you have apparently REPLACED me with your mother and your brother? You say that I am "using [my] mom moral compass as an excuse to cheat on [you]", but that's the farthest from the truth.
    She has recommended that I get busy and show you that I have priorities and pleasures other than you. This is EXACTLY what you are showing me, by your saying that "sorry honey, not tonight, I'm tired" when I was trying to get you to choose a date for the $300 ticket. But no, you were so busy otherwise that you told me to go away, and we missed the deal. We got the ticket AFTER the fact, but not at a 50% discount. It was a full $600.
  • 1 Corinthians 13:11

    As hard as it is, you MUST leave your childish ways behind you. I do NOT wish to lose you. That could very well DESTROY me. But I will not be your "PART-TIME-HUSBAND" and I will NOT be emotionally cuckolded by your Brother, LEONIDAS OROZCO. That is so FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG that I have difficulty understanding why you are so blasé about it. You act as though we were NEVER married, tht it was ALL A DREAM. A fiction.