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What is a Person of Interest?

Person of Interest was a show that ran from 2011 thru 2016, and was a hugely successful television series exploring the dangers of technology whilst illustrating the innately beautiful and unknowable essence of the human spirit.

We are not mere numbers, and any system which treats people as mere numbers does a disservice to humanity, at times becoming the adversary of the driving force within our human communities.

So, I've begun categorizing actors accordingly, and they've each been chosen as a person of interest, someone worth our time digging into the publicly available information and stopping these individuals. Are you enjoying the show yet?

The Colour-coding is as follows:

  • Silver — Unknown
  • Red — Threat
  • Green — Patient
  • Orange — Amoral
  • Brown — Shiteater

Now, I'm still waiting on a proper photo and CV from my request to her boss, so you'll have to use your imagination when looking at the killer of Benghazi and see Robin Hutchinson the Shiteater when looking at the picture of Murdering Hillary Clinton. Although to be fair, Ms Hutchinson hasn't killed anyone with her prevention of discovery.. yet. It seems like she's still trying to act as a 'Loss Prevention Officer' for the Government of British Columbia, but the thing is...

Culpable homicide is most assuredly a loss, and by refusing disclosure, you're preventing legal discovery of how Island Health, and more specifically Royal Jubilee Hospital, is acting in a manner which one can reasonable foresee as causing pain, suffering, grievous bodily harm, or death.

So whatcha gonna do, whine a cry about being a Person of Interest (silly bureaucrat) as a result of your action or inaction? Read FM 3.09-34 before you make a total fool of yourself, you stupid little lemming. Every moment you prevent disclosure or generally make an ass of yourself, patients are being denied proper healthcare because of your stupidity in refusing to complete the FOI release, you idiot.

The more people that suffer, or even die because of your inaction, the more vigorously we'll come after your little group of state actors whom you seek to protect from being seen. Please, do comply so we can put this behind us.