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Ms Janet KLOTZ, RN

Janet Klotz is a threat. She is documented to have facilitated the forcible detention by way of fraudulent conveyance, and without legal justification, at least one (we're still sorting tips we've received) senior citizen who does no speakeasy good Engrish.

Please stand by as this file will be updated.


Janet Klotz is (or was at the time of Patient H's unlawful confinement and forcible administration of a noxious substance restricted by Health Canada) a Registered Nurse employed by VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) and working with vulnerable seniors in the community.

The Klotz may or may not be a professional from another province, similar to the one mentioned in this article from CTV News. Conduct and distortion of the Klotz indicate a trend of fraudulent or deceptive behaviour that we will be exploring further to see just how yet another nurse of VIHA has acted in a manner betraying the public trust.

The file is open and our investigation ongoing, so please feel free to make a submission about any additional complaints.