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Canadian Court Tries to Stop InfoWars From Covering Trans-Child Case

 Canadian court has tried to stop Alex Jones from focusing on a trans child case which has quickly turned into a free speech battle.

The case involves a father who opposed hormone therapy given to his child, who’s under 18, to help “transition” from female to male.

This put him at odds with the child’s mother and psychologists who supported the treatments, cumulating into a legal battle over parental rights.

But now, it seems the case is turning into a battle over free speech.

In particular, a British Columbia court has ordered the father to stop publicly discussing the case because his speech, the court claims, constitutes “family violence.”

The father’s lawyers called the gag order, intended to stop the father from talking to the media, as draconian and said they would file an appeal.

“We’ll make submissions on freedom of expression, freedom of thought and opinion, and freedom of conscience, in this matter,” said one of the lawyers.

Alex Jones also received a letter from the court demanding that Infowars not link to a publicly-available court document which has been retroactively censored by the judge, despite having been on the Internet for nearly two months before the judge’s ruling.


Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 06/03/2019 - 22:54
This really should read that a Canadian court attempts to restrict election-meddling foreign-entity Alex Jones from informing Canadian public... This is happening because Trudeau has bought and paid for the domestic news in Canada, so all the Queen's Barristers are trying to exert influence over the original 13-colonies.