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Victoria Police Department are Irresponsible Twats

My wife is in Victoria helping her mother resolve some issues, a significant portion being the fact that she has been defrauded of over $10,000 by unknown actors, likely her son's "business partners" in Vancouver who have called the alleged victim (my mother-in-law) and demanded more money because "the business needs it".

My wife went to Victoria in a hurry, and so couldn't take her computer. Hence her complaint included the request:

  • "I find it easier to provide this information in person.. Please take this report in person, and call before you attend so I can make sure I'm there..."

The assigned officer scheduled a time of attendance between 9-11 on Monday Aug 3rd, and did not even show up (my wife wasted her time waiting for the slackers).
That's alright, emergencies happen, but they didn't have dispatch call the number on file and say "Sorry, some asshat got his dick lopped-off by his wife, so we had to go foraging in the underbrush".

Fucking ridiculous. And you "claim" to protect the elderly. Fucking ridiculous.


Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 08/18/2020 - 13:44
Maybe there needs to be some accountability on your families end. What are the cops supposed to do? They'd most likely take your wife statement and never get back to you with any leads anyway... whine about it certainky doesn't help your case.