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MHSW Progress Notes

VIHA-FOI-19006 — Page 82


Service Date and Time:   27-Aug-2018 1402PST - PROKOPIW, GALE (778-677-7391)
SURF Type of Contact:   


Subject: Consultation
Progress Note:
this writer spoke with the son-in-law who called on my cellphone. He stated clearly that he wanted me to put his name on the electronic record as NOK immediately. I informed him that in my discussion on Friday that his mother in law did not want him listed as such that she had decided to leave David as primary contact... David held up his ipad at which point I stated that I did not wish to be recorded... In the presence of David and Isaac I asked the patient again who she trusts to have represent her and she pointed at David and said his name. I asked a second time after the son-in-law spoke to her in her own language and she stated that she wants to have both on health records as contacts for her and that Isaac can be the primary contact for her. Isaac then stated that he wanted to have his mother in law discharged immediately stating that I and the physician were being barriers to the well-being of the patient... Isaac interrupted several times while we were speaking with the patient trying to speak on her behalf stipulating what the medications should be written as he wanted them to be and physician informed him that the patient is competent and able to make her own decisions and that the physician will prescribe what is in the best interest of patient's health... The patient was told it was best to have someone visit her at home to ensure the medications are working for her and that there are no further issues that may cause a readmission to hospital... The issues regarding his [sic] social situation have not as yet been determined and at that this time family are denying any social issues despite patient originally living in a women's shelter...

During our conversation Isaac interrupted repeatedly despite being told that patient was speaking with the physician... Isaac several times tried to speak on behalf of his mother in law and had to be informed that he can only make decisions for his mother if she was found incapable and at this time is considered a capable adult...

Completed by: Gale Prokopiw 778-677-7391