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Hilda Esperanza Ortiz Barrionuevo

Hilda Esperanza Ortiz Barrionuevo, born on July 27, 1940. Daughter of Segundo Estevan Ortiz and Lidia Marina Barrionuevo passed away in her sleep at 80 years of age on July 5, 2021. Loved mother of son-in-law Isaac Bon Hillier and daughter Maritza Bon Hillier and son David Orozco. She leaves behind several surviving brothers and sisters. She was a devoted mother and sister. Born in Quisapincha, Ambato, Ecuador. She travelled with her children to Canada. She was an experienced leather and fashion sewist, skilled in all arts related to home life. She will be greatly missed by her children. Her sunny, affectionate personality and love of life will be cherished and missed.