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We were censored...

Our group's server was violated on the weekend of May 11th.. the provider DotBlock breached contract, terminated the services without proper notice, and deleted all of our hosted backups. As a result, we have been scrambling to restore to another host, from our partial tertiary backups... Please notify us if you notice any service interruptions.


It's unclear why precisely the service contract was violated, but it could be a combination of three factors,

  1. This site, and its vociferous defense of patient rights in the Guantanamo North region
  2. Our group's broader Pro-Trump, anti Deep-State involvement
  3. Personal vendetta by #SJW Brian Brader, the IT Director of

However, we have begun the restoration of all our content from our ad-hoc tertiary backups, so this is just a reminder of how vulnerable our internet use is to violation by the whims of people, corporations, and governments. We really do need an Internet Bill of Rights treaty, as we are long-overdue regulations to complement the massive trail of legal precedent in place, so that even the most impoverished and vulnerable of our netizens are allowed an equal right of access to a full and unfettered utility of the world wide web.

The internet is for everyone, not just those who can afford big-league lawyers like @Barnes_Law or @FreibergerHaber so we need to entrench those rights in formal law, instead of us having to re-litigate the same bullshit ad infinitum, to a great expense.

Because, you only have as many rights as you are able to defend, when dealing with pieces of shit like and Brian Brader. Brian is the spoiled little-brother of the CEO Brendan Brader. Brian reportedly abuses employees (read the reports on GlassDoor and BBB)  and encourages the extortion and financial assault of its customers (the writer can personally vouch for this).