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Open Source Ops: Roster of Players

All the world’s a stage,   And all the men and women merely players.   They have their exits and their entrances,   And one man in his time plays many parts,   His acts being seven ages.

We've included the first pages of disclosure at the end of this post as SERVICE EVENT 07-Dec-2018 1536PST - KLOTZ, JANET. Here's a partial roster of the other players in our game:

  • Ms JANET KLOTZ (RN) aka Klutz

  • Ms GALE PROKOPIW (RSW) aka Pokapee

  • Ms K/CATHY DOE (NIL) is just another confidence specialist

  • Ms SUSAN BARR MPH (RSW) is an AGA pretender "specialist"

  • Ms KRISNA PHOSY (NIL) is just another prole in the wall

  • Ms KATHY E BAKER (NIL) is yet another prole in the wall






And some more bit-actors who're not fully aware of their actions, but as the saying (and the legislation) goes, ignorance (of the law) is no excuse (or reasonable defence) for criminal actions. But as I said, the following people are just bit players, I'm not gonna necessarily come after their houses or cars via Civil Asset Forfeiture, unless they do something malicious like KRISNA PHOSY (prole), who even after being informed and cautioned of our fully qualified disposition, chose to be a total douchetard and push a fixed false narrative like the demons KLUTZ anPOKAPEE.

  • Dr Magdalena Anna Casagrande

  • Debra Gillespie

  • Robett Awal

  • Francesca Byblew RN

  • Rose McMillan

  • Dr Wei Song

  • Rosemary Hard RN

  • Lorrie Brooks

  • Carissa Hiebert

  • Aleem Bharmel

  • Laura Johnston

  • Naomi Phillips

  • Adele

  • Dr Nerenberg (speaks Spanish)

  • Pauline James Curtis (RN Liason)

  • Dr Jovanovic Vojislan

  • Dr Glen Howard Percy

  • Dr John Jerome

I combed through the most proximal portions of disclosure tonight, and made a short-list of government actors whom I think will reveal more clearly the weakest link. In short, the asshole that caused such a horrific "misunderstanding" and necessitated my Mum being illegally detained over Christmas, denied her right to exercise her conscience in choosing how to care for herself.

The persons detaining her will probably claim they were simply going where the previous medical diagnoses led them. Except there isn't really any excuse for categorizing or diagnosing a single case of sepsis-associated delirium as a pathological condition of dementia, and subsequently forcibly medicating a patient with neuroleptics (antipsychotics), the likes of Risperdal (risperidone) and persecuting said patient for her religious beliefs.

Not only was our mother persecuted for her belief in God the almighty, but was further abused because she had previously been traumatized and abused by her ex-husband, and forced to abort a pregnancy against her will. This is something which she is deeply ashamed of, as it is a sin to terminate a pregnancy, and even though she was forced to do so against her will, she has been wounded deeply by this having a newborn life dragged from her restrained self, and subsequently being forcibly sterilized.

You people are sick, and you're rather stupid if you think that we're going to let this go. Hell, you're probably dragging your feet in the hopes that she dies, right? Think that'll solve all your problems, don't you?


If my mother dies before you rectify this situation, formally apologize and acknowledge how, why, and by whom this heinous bit of malingering (diagnosis of factitious disorder and denial and distortion of charter rights) was caused, as the executor of her estate, I will personally make it my mission to see that your are prosecuted for your aggravated criminal acts against her, and will further seek civil legal remedy and personally ensure this NEVER happens again to another helpless victim.

You will feel my (fully legal and lawful) wrath.. or will you?




07-Dec-2018 1536PST - KLOTZ, JANET

This client was admitted June 29, 2018 and discharged August 27, 2018. ... Writer recieved [sic] a referral to see the client post discharge. Writer attempted to see the client and agreed to a visit [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of FOIPPA s22 'disclosure of personal information is presumed to be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy...'—] After many unsuccessful attempts to gain access through Isaac, writer spoke to Susan Barr and it was determined that writer should close the chart. Please see my prior documentation.
December 5, writer recieved [sic] a call from the client. She stated that she had fallen a month ago and broken her wrist. She stated that she needed some help with her walker. Due to the language barrier it was difficult to determine exactly what client was saying. Writer explained that client should call community access to generate a referral to be seen. Client stated she could not write down the phone number. With some encouragement the client agreed to get her son David on the phone.  [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of FOIPPA s22... —] He agreed to call community access. A referral was then recieved [sic] for Physiotherapist from the client's S-I-L, Isaac. Referral stated that as per Isaac, there was to be no call to the client or son and that Isaac was to be present for the home interview via Skype.
Writer spoke to Susan Barr and it was determined that staff should deal directly with the client. Jennifer PT phoned the client and she agreed to a visit today, December 7. Writer and Jennifer did a home visit.
The client buzzed us in. the client lives in a one bedroom apartment. Writer noted that there was a pot simmering on the stove and raw chicken sitting on the counter. The client stated that she does not cook and that her son David does all the cooking. [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of FOIPPA s22 'disclosure of personal information is presumed to be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy...'—] The house in general was very cluttered with boxes, garbage and other items. The carpets were soiled. The client is sleeping on a bed in the middle of the front room. English is not the client's first languae but she was able to communicate fairly effectively. She showed writer the pills that she was taking which were some vitamins and she stated that she had taken 3 advil but they made her dizzy so she was not taking any more. The client also showed writer a bottle of tylenol sinus that she thought was for pain. She continually spoke of infection. She then pulled out some blister packs that had only been partially accessed and were dated August of this year. She stated that she had stopped taking them in November because they made her feel bad. She showed writer inhalers that she had been prescribed but was not using. The client stated that she was taking her cast off at times and that her hand would then hang limply. She stated that the last few nights she had been in so much pain that she couldn't sleep. [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of FOIPPA s22 'disclosure of personal information is presumed to be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy...'—] The client also spoke of sutures in her groin and spoke of a man pulling a baby out of her and her bleeding. She stated that mosquitoes were going into her eyes and also into her cast. She stated that this really scared her. Writer explained to her that she needed to have her wrist assessed due to her increased pain and that she had been taking her cast off. The client agreed to do so. [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of FOIPPA s22... —] we stated that the client was going to the hospital. Client was accompanied by writer in the cab and report was given to Liason. [— Redacted by FOIA derps by virtue of AGA s46... —]

Klotz, Janet - 07-Dec-2018 15:36 PST

Move, Counter-Move..

My wife says it's in poor taste, and looks uneducated that I keep saying "These people are stupid" and the numinous variants I spin. I do beg to differ, as this is more akin to 5-D chess, or just a psyop. Besides, how can I expect anyone to resist the tyranny of the proletariats, if I don't fight the good fight? They're acting towards an evil end, but going about it with a certain degree of stupidity that might mitigate sentencing.

After all, not all Nazis were evil, right?

And really, it gets my game on knowing that I'm fighting for every other individual unjustly detained and pharmaceutically lobotomized by the state. Who else would be willing to stand against the tyranny of mediocrity?

Send me feedback if you're interested in this fight!