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Open Source Ops: The Covfefe Kill Box

As we approach the 12-month anniversary of a certain illegal detention facilitated by Janet Klotz, and Company (partial list in footer) we're going to start publishing selected recordings to demonstrate that Island Health, and Royal Jubilee Hospital in particular, are nothing more and nothing less, than rogue state actors arbitrarily and maliciously exercising (abusing) their state authority.

At one point last year, the twats at Royal Jubilee Hospital called and filed a false report to Victoria Police, our Twitter account for the 'Seniors Outreach Response Team' was censored, earlier this year our decoy website was taken down by some person or persons threatening the service provider with legal action, and we were finally served with a strategic lawsuit against public participation (a SLAPP suit) by the shifty-shady lawyer Timothy Wedge of Carfra Lawton LLP.

These people are sick, but they're also very stupid. They have demanded that people are not to record them abusing their state appointed authority, but they are so fucking stupid that they adhere to a primitive understanding of wiretap laws in Canada. Ergo, I have recorded everything, even the parts where they demand that I not record, and subsequently prescribe a course of action in direct violation of Health Canada's restriction RA-43797 issued directly to health professionals working in the following settings: Geriatrics, Geriatric Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Extended Care Facilities, Nursing Homes and Pharmacies.

The "competent staff" at Royal Jubilee Hospital have prescribed, on video, medication to a patient suffering from vascular dementia (episodic decreased cognitive function when suffering an asthma attack) which is EXPLICITLY forbidden because it can lead to a "higher risk of cerebrovascular adverse events". These are called strokes, for fuck sake.. and you idiots tried to prescribe to an elderly patient a medication which any reasonable person would expect to cause grievous bodily harm or death to the patient.

So, Vancouver Island Health Authority has misused YOUR tax-dollars in trying to prevent the publication of, and correction to, a practice by Royal Jubilee Hospital which is putting the lives of our treasured seniors at risk for the simple reason that they want to make these patients more docile, so they will be like lambs led peacefully to the slaughter.

It's my turn, you fuckers. I'm coming for you, each and everyone one of you, through fully legal and lawful means. I've already put them on notice, and they lashed out at me numerous times, trying to prevent the public from participating in a matter which may affect us all.

Well, only if you have an elderly family member in BC who ever attends the hospital in search of treatment, so probably not too many of you. Are you all ready for this? #CovfefeKillbox


  • Janet Klotz aka Janet Clotts
  • Dana Leik 
  • Linda Holmes 
  • Lorrie Brooks 
  • Erica Summers 
  • Emily Mclean 
  • Kelly Sinerty 
  • Naomi Phillips 
  • Melanie Stack 
  • Michelle Dalzell 
  • Carrie Elrick 
  • Jeanine Marshall 
  • Laura Johnston 
  • Gale Prokopiw 
  • Christopher Hawkins 
  • Eva Jovak 
  • Sanjeet Pakrasi 
  • Megan Cain 
  • Jennifer Matheson-Parkhill 
  • Krisna Phosy

 ..and more, it's generally the Roster of Players.

As advised by Barnes Law LLP, we're in the process of setting up a "dead man's switch" to dump our data to the interwebz if @VanIslandHealth or the shifty-shady lawyers at Carfra Lawton LLP try to make or follow up on  stupid legal threats that are the very definition of bad sportsmanship.

Who else understands the Covfefe Killbox strategem as it applies to the utility of a Low Orbit Ion Cannon, triggered by a Dead Man's Switch? Feel free to drop us a private email if you do, and if you do, you know exactly where to direct your inquiries; alternatively talk to us on the Farms.