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TheProvince says Michael McEvoy is "We Love Bangladesh"

This is some funny s—... I was doing background on why Michael McEvoy is acting like such a totalitarian sh—head and I stumbled on a little nugget buried in the WordPress CMS managed by The Province.

It looks like the RSS link for the author Michael McEvoy is to a fictitious feed for "WeLoveBangladesh" which is the kinda tag slipped in by groups such as CodersLeeT and D.R.S Dz Team, although more subtle. Islamic sympathizers such as D.R.S Dz Team usually breech an unsecured PHP driven site and deface full pages, but this looks like it was dropped in by a student/intern who was doing mundane maintenance to the back-end.
They had full access, but they chose to just subtle give the finger to Michael McEvoy by nicknaming him as WeLoveBangladesh. I think we're going to honour that nickname, and I can just see how it might pan out. We could call his office and ask to speak with the "We Love Bangladesh" guy, and cite the link on his profile at The Province when they pull their dumbf—ery.

This is a subtle hack, which leads me to wonder how long The Province has been pwned by these Islamic artists, and just how much critical personal information they've managed to skim. To finger the Minister of Privacy in your hack is showing quintessential mastery. McEvoy is a hypocrite leading the Leninist herd of proletariat mooks.


The Province
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The Province
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TheProvince contributor Michael McEvoy is WeLoveBangladesh 2.0

Just got off the phone with the OIPCBC, and not only did the assistant for Mr McEvoy deny reality and refuse to verify the details at TheProvince but clearly stated that he is the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Canada, and then she quite rudely hung up. What a fu—king idiot...

You're not fired, but you sure are tired.. tired like an old horse that needs to be put out to pasture.


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