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I do not consent! You can't watch this.

This is a video of Gale Prokopiw (pron. Poke-a-Pee), recorded on August 27th, 2018, during the negotiated release of an individual detained (illegally and without due process) at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

She's right, she doesn't appreciate this. Why?

This video was recorded in Canada, which is a single-party consent jurisdiction. Ergo, she is uttering a patent falsehood, and attempting to prevent the recording of her performance of certain duties.

What's more, in performance of her duties, she is acting as an agent of the state (State Actor), and as such has no reasonable expectation of privacy when performing the duties of her office.
Ergo.. she's acting just a whee bit stupid; stupid, or malfeasant. Her name is Gale Prokopiw (The R is silent.. so you pronounce it Poke-a-Pee) and you can see more of this debacle unfold on the website as we take Vancouver Island Health Authority (aka. Guantanamo North Death Solicitors) to task for its unchecked abrogation of individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms.

The Government watchdog Jay Chalke has talked about this 'til he's blue in the face, but it looks like he's all bark and no bite. Nothing changes under Jay's watch.