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It's not what your country can do for you, but to you, that is the measure of tyranny

Thanks for your story —long story short, people need protecting. If not from their government, then from fellow residents. Refreshing to think that somebody will stop the government when it gets out of line administering noxious substances likely to kill.

Follow the story as the little socialist regime of British Columbia tries to SLAPP me into submission and prevent us from publishing recordings and documents in which Royal Jubilee Hospital and Island Health really breaks the law. But, as a state agency, they could kill somebody and everyone would say "Oh, it was in the patient's best interest".

In the patient's best interests to sustain grievous bodily injury or enter into the long good night... just because your ignorant staff want to administer noxious substances to patients in order to stupefy them?

You and your shifty-shady law firm Carfra Lawton LLP are kinda looking guilty because when this information was first discovered, you did everything in your power to prevent the publication and dissemination of this very tangible threat to the public's general health and welfare.

You deprive the patient of her rights. You forcibly administer noxious substances reasonably probable of causing the patient to stroke out, sustaining grievous body harm or even death.

We tell you that you're wrong, you tell us to shut up. We publish our story on Twitter, and we are censored, likely not because you submitted a defamation complaint, but I wouldn't put it by you.

We move to publish on a VPS, and that ISP is subsequently threatened and pulls the plug on our server.

We move to another provider, and Carfra Lawton LLP serves us with a SLAPP intended to shut us down, and those shifty-shady lawyers don't tell their client Island Health that it is not a good idea to launch a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, especially now that the legislation has passed the Protection of Public Participation Act, 2019. (The law will allow B.C. courts greater power to dismiss lawsuits that are brought with the intention of shutting down free expression in matters of public interest.)

Your shifty-shady lawyers were more than happy to take your money though, right? Anything but for you fix the problem and stop mistreating patients in a manner contradictory to Health Canada's restrictions, and in a such a manner as reasonably probable of causing the patient to sustain grievous bodily injury or even death.

Right.. I think that was a really stupid choice on your part, to be totally honest. Shall we play a game?

I've recorded everything. Absolutely everything, so your little "loss prevention" cleanup crew who's working with the Information and Privacy Commissioner to suppress our voices needs to stop stalling and do its job, because we're not waiting for you to powder your nose.