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Thievery and Malingering, eh?

Now, there's gonna be hell to pay when my wife realizes that I've called David out for his abusive behaviour, as she prefers to resolve these matters internally. But given that David now claims that because his mom is "almost dead" and that he's justified in stealing her money, I've had to air dirty laundry in public.

This is a relevant message I received from my wife which gives context.

  • Isaac, I need your help,  I think I am correct in a-
    cting but I am saddened by it.  My bro (David) just 
    last night stole money from mom,
    I hate to do it but she is getting old and needs 
    care and this costs money, and with him bleeding her 
    dry they will end up in the poor house or on the str-
    eets.. Lies and falsehood, and this justifies him co-
    nstantly stealing from her?


David (Codename Shiteater Omicron) is the son of Patient H, and is residing with Patient H and acting as her primary caregiver (better than Island Health, who forcibly administers substances likely to cause the death, or grievous bodily harm, of the patient). While Patient H was in the hospital in the summer of 2018, he claimed that he drained her bank accounts because he "was told mum might die, had credit card (debt) and one way to pay it off.. is to get an extra job.. so I made an attempt at a business oppurtunity [sic] to pay off the whole debt wich [sic] turned out to go bad and I lost money in the buasiness [sic] venture.. I resent you calling me names"

  • the social worker I think her name stepanie saw her at the hospital and told me over the phone that mum might die so I was left home handleing every thing the cooking paying the bills and visiting mum
    [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 0441PDT ]
  • So I was told mum might die had credit card and one way to pay it off aa you may know is to get an extra job (extra income) so I made an attempt at a business oppurtunity to pay off the whole debt wich turned out to go bad and I lost money in the buasiness venture what don'nt see is that I am doing my best to take care of mum and there are aome thing I am learnig and improving if you have 
    I resent you calling me names it is not for the lack of tryng I been doing my best given the surcumstances would appreciate some understanding thank you.
     [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 0449PDT ]
  • And, how dare you say that you've kept the apartment clean? When my wife got there, you had garbage and decomposing compost piled up in the hallway, And bags and bags of laundry. And dirty dishes piled so high that mum can't even navigate safely in the kitchen.
    You're a lying piece of shit. Be honest about your behaviour, you weak little cunt. You are despicable, victimizing the most vulnerable people around you. We need to talk, but you've gotta be honest.
    You should have, and you still should, declare bankruptcy and report this scam to the police. But, that would be the honourable thing to do, so it's unlikely that you would consider it. When the senior's advocate gets wind of this, you'll need to explain yourself. So, I hope that you kept a decent record of how you have "managed" her money.
    [ Isaac on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 1523PDT ]
  • If you got roped into a shifty shady business "deal," or something like a loan-shark offering unlicensed debt-consolidation and people are after you for interest payments, you can just turn yourself in to the Victoria Police and explain the situation to them. These people are extorting money from you, and you are taking mum's money because you're afraid they'll break your legs, right?
    The police will understand and you could become an informant and probably skate with a Suspended Sentence (no jail time, just probation) for a year or two. This way you can demonstrate that you're the victim here, that the real criminals forced you to steal mum's money and pay them for their "business venture".
    [ Isaac on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 1557PDT ]

  • Moreover, how dare you say that "it's none of [my] business" when I ask how much money you still owe your creditors? I represent mum's interests, and when you steal from her in order to repay your debts, you make it my business. Unless of course, it's just a cover story about the debts and you've just been renting the love you want from prostitutes. Hence, the cologne. Let's see, that's actually a ripe headline that could get a reasonable amount of clicks:
    "Son Steals Money From Mommy For Prostitutes"
    "Son claims the deal went sideways, but just the whore saw how ugly he was and raised the price."
    [ Isaac on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 1559PDT ]

  • Money was not drained and I was in charge of the money mum was in the hospital for over three months and I am nit having thus discussion with you any longer
    [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 2000PDT ]
  • I answered your question I am not going down the road of endless questions we all have mums interest in heart
    [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 2010PDT ]

  • Their is no reason talk to the detective mum told if whenever she is dying take out the  money from her account
    [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 2017PDT ]

  • I just told you mum said take money out of her account whenever she us close to dying 
    [ David on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 at 2023PDT ]

  • She id eating red meat more then before and I do remember seeing her medical report with atrial difribulation   asthma copd, anemia and I care about mum I was taking care if her laundry was getting done cooking cleaning
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0109PDT ]
  • I could not throw all the garbage cause everytime I left the apartment they would break in the neighbors would by mums words the neighors had ability to call or text others to collaborate in the break ins after that I put a security camera camera so I can leave the house and moniter the house when I went out to visit mum at the hospital 
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0136PDT ]
  • I had her consent she said whenever she is close to dying take her money oit of her bank accout
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0150PDT ]
  • We did not discuss that it looked grim she and I thought she would die in the hospital
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0153PDT ]
  • No she said as soon as she is close to dieing take money out of her account
    No it is not you should not call the detective it is a family matter mum herself said today you are overstepoing your boundries and and don'nt call the authorities you youself are being influenced by what your wife is saying and not what mum or I are saying
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0158PDT ]
  • You should not be throwing around insults and should take care of youself other then wasting peopkes time and possibky causing stress to mum for not listening to her 
    [ David on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 at 0215PDT ]
  • Issac I am not dealing with loan sharks first of all and like I told you I did not steal from mum she game me permission mum is just switching up her story without any really good legit reason and since we did not move we stayed in an apartment we are constantly harrased with noise especially when mum was in the hospital I would have to step outside of the apartment  there is no understanding with the nieghbors even though mum talked to them the harrasment is just more sneeky (covert) I wanted to talk to them but on mums advise I did'nt so they just blind side us with the noise harrasement and it does not get better it 
    [ David on Wed Oct 16th, 2019 at 0122PDT ]

  • Issac mum is comfortable here at home with me at the hospital one volunteer that was suppose to help her shower was scrubbing her real hard that it hurt her she said to stop because he is hurting her when she wemt to church for confession a person pretenting she was blind pretentended to crash into her walker hitting her broken dr. Jerome at the sikha clinic when mum showed the vitatamin bottle saying she wanted it examined took it from her had violently and throug it in the garbage saying their is nothing in the bottle  did'nt give her a poisen test,   so she for a mont or so continued to get worse definate signs of poisening getting worse. If Dr. . Jerome gave her the proper test her health would be better then it is today.  As for the money how many times do I have to tell you mum told me if she is close to dying to take the money I was in charge of the money from the time she went to the hospital she has control of the money now she herself knows ther is always money for food or rent medicine somehow she got in on her head that the money was going to be all gone and she would so die the mum being umder my care is the best for her as for the me pacing at the hospital Mum was being held in the hospital against her will it is understandable that I felt I was under hostile territory and If you mean the first time you she was at Jubalee hospital I was worried for mums health she had cardiac asthma but what the doctor see as pacing around I had a meaning full visit with mum she was recovering well she had a nice sunny room wich she liked because the warmth from the sun made tje room warm and bright aswell and she said she was getting better as you know she had bad asthma among many other health problems I did not talk to the nurse or doctor only saw mum and she was calm and in control wich I was glad and surprised I left as I saw her  that she was treated well and recovering. As for the the  drones, messy appartment or people stealing her savings there is no concern of any of that she has not seen any drones or is worried about that the apartment is not messy you saw the videos I sent you and your wife only reorganized the apartment everyrhing was neat and in order and there is know one stealing from her savings like I said before she has control of the money and she only.had ill founded idea that she was not going to have any money wich is furtherest from the truth " at no point was there no money for food rent medicine or any other expences" mums words. she has savings and and she feels safe and well taken care of Mum aswell has a say on every part of any dicision so there are discussions and if there is a disagreement we discuss things and come to a conclusion 
    [ David on Thu Oct 31st, 2019 at 2219PDT ]

David O.