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Dirty Laundry and Decomposing Garbage

Alright, I've fucking had it. I'm sick of being "nice", and there's no easy or polite way to address this...

Over the long-term, I've been studying the systemic abuse of vulnerable seniors by Island Health (See Notice on Notice and Zero Sum Gameplay), but it may also be rampant in co-dependent relationships, too as explored on here (Munchausen by Proxy and Thievery and Malingering) and may actually be affecting my family.

My brother-in-law (mid-40's, bachelor, chemo-survivor) is supposed to be helping (shared accommodations) my wife's mother in Victoria, BC. However, he has significant credit-card debt from a point several years ago when he went manic and racked up over $50,000 in debt, so his mommy pays the whole rent, and he pays for a little bit of food. But he has no problem spending money (his own, or his vulnerable mother's) on his gadgets because..
He's special, right?

 So anyway, my wife is visiting her mother trying to help her mother work out some issues (community care supports, bank inquiry about missing money) and trying to get her into supportive or semi-independent housing. This is not easy on lockdown.

On Friday, my wife was scheduled to take her mum to the bank to inquire about an audit because there is a concern of fraud (her mum has received calls from strangers claiming to be her son's "business partners" and asking for more investments because "the business needs it") and the bank (TD) demands that her mother make personal appearance and explain the situation in her broken engrish.
Now, given that they have been subject to robbery in the past (they're on an easily accessible and insecure 2nd-floor apartment) there has to be someone at home at all times. This isn't usually a problem because D is usually at home, playing super-loud white noise (sounds like an airport) and doing whatever he does locked in the bedroom.
Friday however, I received a call from my wife desperately asking for her brother's cellular number, because he had vanished into the city, and he needed to be there for them to safely attend the scheduled appointment for a fraud inquiry.

 Now, their phone has been unplugged, and I can't reach anyone in the house, so I'm worried. Hopefully unnecessarily, but I am worried, because I've read how big apes like the Shiteater have a tendency to lash out and dismember their "enemies", usually storing the bodies in a bath-tub filled with salt-water as they dismember and dispose of the bodies. We've tried to be as careful as possible about this given my wife's mother's wish not to make a "fuss," but I'm worried.
If anybody would be able to do a drive-by for me and check if everything is okay (nobody has been chopped up and put in the bath-tub), please contact me directly for directions. I'll pay for gas (send funds via Interac or Paypal). My mom-in-law lives near Cook St Village in Victoria, BC. 

Mr Shiteater Omicron (aka King Apeshit) lives with his elderly mother in Fairfield, in the near vicinity of 825 Cook St, Victoria BC, V8V 3Z1. He's a chemo-survivor, so we have to show understanding when accusing him of bullying and/or forcibly inheriting (before death) or investing (managing estate) funds from his mommy to "attempt at a business oppurtunity to pay off the whole debt wich turned out to go bad and.. lost money in the buasiness venture" [sic] and that we're "..overstepoing [the] boundries and and don'nt call the authorities you youself are being influenced by what your wife is saying and not what mum or [King Apeshit] are saying." [sic]

  • Said every con-artist and extortionist, ever. So, fuck you King Apeshit. I gave you the chance to explain yourself, and I just hope you haven't killed your mum or sister yet. Because if you have, we will have words.. Although your words might be more like a gurgle, you sorry motherfucking piece of shit.